How to Run Safe Paperless School Events

Webinar Recordings (December 2019)

Managing risk and automating processes for school incursions and excursions

Miss Operoo and CompliSpace’s joint webinar, How To Run Safe Paperless School Incursions and Excursions? Or, maybe you just want to relive the experience again? Well, either way, we’ve got you covered. We thoughtfully recorded the session for your on-demand viewing pleasure.

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Why watch?


With COVID-19 restrictions easing in states and territories across Australia, schools around the nation are working to integrate students back into face-to-face education and activities, like incursions and excursions.

But, with heightened awareness and sensitivity regarding the welfare of students and staff alike, efficiently and effectively managing associated risks is imperative.

Watch this CompliSpace – Operoo webinar and see how to digitise and automate the management of school incursions and excursions, while mitigating risks and satisfying your duty-of-care to the highest standard. Be prepared as you transition back to normality — from hosting school productions and sports events; to traditional excursions and camps.


What will you learn?


Watch as we demonstrate how you can combine Operoo and CompliSpace’s PlanCheckGo solution to enable:

1. Streamlined planning and approval:
– Complete event planning, assign teachers in charge and obtain internal approvals with automated digital workflows.

2. Best-in-class risk preparedness:
– Responsible staff generate complete and correct pre-excursion risk assessments, including risk identification and mitigation, checklists, policies and provider due diligence.

3. Fast medical and consent form collection — in any language:
– Digitally distribute permission forms to defined student groups, collect payments, verify student medical information, send automated reminders, and track responses from parents.

4. Real-time communication, activity and emergency management:
– Enable authorized teachers to access student records and medical profiles in case of emergency (even when offline); take the roll, log injuries and communicate with parents (email, SMS and push notifications) via any device.

5. Capture feedback for future planning and keep confidential student data secure:
– Update risk management practices and archive student groups upon event completion

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