COVID-19: Transitioning to Virtual Schools Overnight

Digitizing and automating your school operations, processes and environment.


Recording: Online Panel Discussion

Hear how 6 education leaders have managed throughout COVID-19


20 Ways Operoo Can Help

Digitize and automate your routine school processes

Resources & Solutions for Virtual Schools

Making remote education work with handy tips, tools and content

Recording: Virtual Schooling and COVID-19 Discussion Panel — Lessons Learned

An expert panel by and for education leaders

What plans and mechanisms is your school putting in place to run remotely during the Coronavirus crisis? Watch this on-demand webinar — recorded Tuesday 28th April and moderated by President of the Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools, Jeane Schocroft — to get the support you need.

Download: Webinar presentation slides HERE >

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has forced schools throughout Australasia, and around the world, to transform from brick-and-mortar education facilities into online education providers almost overnight.
Listen-in as six regional education leaders share their experiences, lessons learned, tools and best practice techniques for delivering quality online learning outcomes, effective parent engagement, cohesive staff communication, digital school operating processes and more.

COVID-19: 20 Ways Operoo Can Help

For educators, parents and students alike, Coronavirus presents the biggest challenge ever faced by modern schooling systems. Discover 20 ways Operoo’s School Process Automation Platform can help you digitally manage the frenetic transition to remote education and streamline routine tasks moving forward.

Useful Resources

Below, you can find useful resources we’ve compiled to help you digitally manage your educational and operational processes during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Resources for Virtual Schooling

Complimentary platforms and services

Explore a range content and tools compiled by education providers and Software-as-a-Service experts to help schools digitally manage operations and deliver remote learning.

Our partner, Firefly, is extending free access to the core elements of its Learning Management System to schools in need. The Firefly platform allows teachers to deliver engaging lessons remotely, set work, and share resources.

For details of the complimentary Firefly Distance Education Program, go HERE >
Register for Firefly’s series of webinars on implementing distance learning HERE >
For more information on Firefly generally, go HERE >

The London Centre for Leadership in Learning
The Institute of Education’s London Centre for Leadership in Learning has compiled a list of resources to help teachers, school leaders, parents, carers and young people continue learning during COVID-19. All resources are free, or have been made free, during the period of school closures in the UK. Explore them HERE >

Future Learn
Future Learning has collated a summary of resources to help support teachers engage with students online following school shutdowns in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Access resources HERE >
The team at this EdTech publication has compiled a treasure trove of primary and secondary resources for UK teachers and schools wondering how to keep the learning and momentum going during COVID-19 school closures. They’re also broken-down many of their good finds into year-level-specific content. Discover more HERE >

We Are Teachers
Digital teachers’ forum has put together a grouped list of over 200 online learning resources. Resources are aligned to UK schooling standards and year levels — from games to math coursework, free music curriculums from Carnegie Hall, and everything in-between.
Check it out HERE >

ISTE: 10 Strategies for online learning during a Coronavirus outbreak
The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has released a number of resources to help schools transition to remote learning. Check out its blog, 10 strategies for online learning during a Coronavirus outbreak, HERE >

Google Education: COVID-19 support resources
Google’s education team have compiled distance learning resources for educators and IT administrators preparing to engage students through distance learning. For details, go HERE >

Zoom: Support during the COVID-19 pandemic
Zoom, one of the world’s leading video conferencing tools, has put together a resources page, containing tips for effective remote working and hosting virtual events. For more information, go HERE >
As an educator, you can also create an account with Zoom and request free usage for your school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more HERE >

Microsoft Teams
With Microsoft Teams, all your class conversations, files, meetings, and apps live together in a single shared workspace. If you want to set-up teachers, students, and administrators on Microsoft Teams, use Office 365 A1 (the free version of Office 365), which is available to education institutions. Sign up HERE >