Webinar Recording: Top 5 Problems SIMS Schools have with Medical Data

(and how to solve them in just 30 minutes)

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For SIMS schools across the UK, having reliable access to accurate student medical data has never been more important. But, with COVID-19-related uncertainty complicating the start of the new school year, time is both scarce and of-the-essence.

And, the usual mess of manual processes and mounds of paperwork simply won’t work in the age of socially distant school environments and GDPR. So what’s the solution?

Grab your sandwich and watch this rapid-fire 30-minute lunch and learn webinar. Sit back as we outline and solve the five most pressing challenges for collecting, verifying and accessing student medical data.
Discover how to automatically request verified student medical data; communicate with parents in any language; receive digital responses within minutes from any device; instantly integrate new medical information back into SIMS (including pre-admissions data); then provide anytime access to that single source of truth for all authorised staff, parents and carers.

About The Webinar

Why watch?

Listen-in as we explore and solve the top 5 problems SIMS schools have with medical data:

1. Keeping medical data up-to-date
(and managing your liability)

When incidents occur or emergency strikes, you need the right medical information to hand. But, paper forms and manual data transfers mean there’s often significant disparity between school records and the current medical status of students. Addressing this lag, and ensuring staff and parents have access to the same verified set of information, is critical for reducing risk and managing duty-of-care.

And, with information manually shifting from one disparate system of record keeping to another, how can you reliably track which information was changed, who changed it, and when it changed?

Document Management

2. Capturing and integrating medical data during pre-admissions

With pre-admissions for the next school year opening-up in October, your school’s most paper-heavy and resource-intensive process will soon be back in the spotlight.

There’s distributing and collecting all those requests for dietary requirements, emergency and medical information. Then, there’s all the manual data entry and matching required to transfer pre-admissions data into your SIMS Student Records upon acceptance. How will you manage this process in pandemic times?

3. Accessibility

Time waits for no man (woman or educator): And neither do medical emergencies. To uphold your duty-of-care, staff need access to a universal view of the latest parent-consented emergency, medical and dietary information from any device — whether in the school yard or on a school trip (even when offline).

Otherwise, how will you know what to do, who to call and what to tell paramedics in any situation? In 2020, not having an answer puts you, your school and your students at unacceptable risk.


4. Exasperated parents

Do you feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day every time you ask parents to fill-out the same medical and emergency forms for every school trip, sports event and extra-curricular activity? Or maybe it’s more like Fawlty Towers’ John Cleese when you’re chasing parents for medical consent that’s crumpled at the bottom of school bags, verifying bad handwriting, missing information, or walking your foreign language families through the process — again.

So is there a better way forward than reigniting the same tedious struggle (don’t mention the war!)? What’s the remedy to thankless repetition, slow response rates and disengaged parents?

5. Data security & chasing paper forms

Because it’s impossible to properly track paper forms, your school probably spends a lot of time chasing them. But, when it comes to sensitive medical data, this leads to a far more serious concern: Privacy breaches and data security.

With the collection of medical data via one format, and the manual transfer of that information to another, it’s impossible to guarantee security — especially when using paper.

Secure transfer and storage, audited access, and GDPR compliance are unenforceable with most medical data collection processes. Folders full of medical action plans left on the camp bus, anyone?

Set Access and Permissions

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