Florida Case Study Webinar Series

Automating recurring financial, request and permission-based workflows

Insights from Florida’s School of Arts and Sciences Charter Network

Much has been said about the rapid rise of digital learning techniques and tools to facilitate student education during COVID-19. But, some charter schools digitally transformed their operations too, achieving results and new ways of working that will benefit them long after the pandemic has passed.
Watch this case study webinar series to hear how Leon County’s School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Charter Network battle-tested new technology-driven systems during the 2020 – 2021 academic year — for distributing, collecting and tracking financial, request and permission-based information, forms and workflows — holding them in good stead for years to come.
Discover how the SAS Charter Network automated external and internal operational processes, reducing administrative demand on parents and staff, while enabling its schools to run efficiently and remotely during the pandemic and beyond.

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The SAS Charter Network: Summary of Results

SAS charter school network Results Summary
Discover how to replicate the same successes at your charter school:

About The Webinar

Why watch?

SAS’ digitization mission began as a quest to reduce the need to manually manage ad-hoc physical payments and collect verified online signatures from parents. But, as they started to realize what was possible, combined with the onset of COVID-19, the charter network’s process automation agenda became far more expansive. Discover their story:
The webinar comprises five sections:

1. The Challenge:

Inefficient paper processes

The opening of its new SAS at The Centre campus put more pressure on inefficient paper-based processes. Finance Manager, Karen Burns, soon realized that the two-school charter network would quickly outgrow many of its existing operational workflows.

“We didn’t need another Student Information System; we needed a digital operations platform. Operoo gave us a platform to communicate, manage and automate the digital flow of information between our schools and our families remotely, safely and quickly.”

— Karen Burns, Finance Manager at SAS Charter School Network


2. The Solution:

One central place to digitally manage all operational processes and comms

Today, the SAS Charter Network has used Operoo as the backbone upon which it has automated many of its recurring parent and staff processes across both schools.

Staff processes digitized include Leave Requests, Payroll Forms and associated approval workflows. For parents, Reduced Lunch Forms, Beginning of Year Family Surveys, Medication Permission Forms and Extended Day Program Registration and Invoicing are prominent examples.

3. The Surprise (COVID-19):

Flexible processes, fast communication, anywhere, anytime access

The onset of the pandemic underscored the need to digitize operational practices, while producing fresh challenges for the SAS Charter Network:

From disseminating and requesting information entirely remotely, flexibly updating and communicating new processes as circumstances changed, to capturing a swathe of new parental permissions in order to facilitate student participation in virtual schooling.


4. The Results:

‘Our new normal’: High response rates,
no manual chasing

From eliminating all parent paperwork from start-of-year student enrollments, to generating 50% more revenue from its Enhancement Contributions Program, the SAS Network’s process automation journey has delivered incredible results.

“Now that we know what’s possible, there’s no way we’re going back, even after COVID. Our digital way of operating is definitely the new normal.”

— Karen Burns, Finance Manager at SAS Charter School Network

5. Demonstration:

Replicating the results at your school

We’ll finish the session by demonstrating how to set-up and use a series of core payment, parent and staff workflows within the Operoo platform.

Discover how to automate your operational processes and digitally manage the flow of information throughout your school community.

Product Launch

More on Operoo and this Webinar

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is designed for elementary and secondary charter school leaders.

These include:

  • Regional leaders: CEOs, Directors, Group Founders, etc
  • School leaders: Principals, Assistant Principals, Business Managers & Operations Managers
  • Technology leaders: Heads of ICT and Digital Transformation
  • Admin leaders: Parent Coordinators, Office and Administration Managers

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