NYS District Top 10 Workflows webinar

Top 10 operational processes to automate in 2021

An EdTech webinar for New York State school districts

As school districts across New York State welcome back students this September, the need to re-engage families and support students in the learning process is stark.
Watch this webinar to discover how we’re helping school districts across the state — such as Suffern CSD, Mamaroneck UFSD, Warwick Valley CSD and many more — to automate paper and people reliant workflows so that they can channel resources towards student education.
Streamline parent, staff and even student-facing operations — from Digital Equity Survey distribution and management, to Daily Health Attestations and Student Onboarding — so that you can focus every minute and every dollar possible on student outcomes.

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About The Webinar

What will you learn?

Top 10 operational processes to automate in 2021

Listen-in as we explore the top 10 operational workflows digitized in Operoo by NYS districts in preparation for the upcoming academic year. Then, watch-on as we demonstrate how to automate your most resource-intensive forms and processes live.

1. Digital Equity Survey

From the beginning of the 2021 – 2022 academic year onwards, the New York State Education Department requires NYS districts and BOCES to report on students’ access to devices and broadband in their places of residence.

Operoo’s Digital Equity Survey and workflow management solution means you can hit-the-ground-running come September, and begin digitally collecting Student Digital Access data when schools reopen.

New York Digital Equity Survey
Student registration and onboarding workflow

2. Student Onboarding

Automate your most important start-of-year processes and the associated workflows, data collation, tracking and analysis: From the distribution and collection of forms and Blue Cards, manual data wrangling and communicating with new and returning families.

3. Student Inter-transfer Management

For some of our districts, what started out as a need to digitize one Inter-Transfer Request Form turned into a question of achieving the highest level of operational efficiency possible throughout the entire process; no matter the scenario.

Using Operoo’s automated workflows, districts can digitally manage all aspects of the process, programmatically triggering next steps in the chain so that nothing falls through the cracks: From submitting the initial request, through to submission review, approval and enrollment.

Student Inter-transfer Management
COVID Form Acceptance

4. Daily Health Attestations and Flexi-Scheduling

With normality still a little while away, let Operoo’s Digital Flexi-Scheduling and Health Check Workflow do the work for you this school year.

Easily segment people into groups based on flexible COVID-ready schedules. Then, set-up automatic reminders to notify parents, staff and students about the days and times they’re required to report to school.

Log the intention of teachers and pupils to participate in on-campus learning each morning, verify the health of every recipient, programmatically distribute building electronic building passes to symptom-free respondents (seen left), and trigger follow-up communications if unexpected absenteeism occurs or illness is reported.

5. Athletic Program Management

Successfully coordinating modern school athletics programs takes a considerable amount of effort: From facilitating student sign-ups for each team, assessing applications, seeking and collecting player fees and medical information, allocating uniforms, managing rosters, practice schedules, game calendars and team communications. Then, there’s managing game day logistics, including parental permissions, transportation, roll calls, injury reports and more.

See how school districts are pulling these elements together for easy management within seamless digital workflows.

Athletic Program Management
School Field Trips

6. Field Trip, Activity and Program Management

Automate the entire trip or activity management lifecycle: From internal submissions and approvals, distributing and collecting registration and permission forms, managing emergency contact information and payments; to identifying and safeguarding vulnerable cohorts, responding to incidents, communicating with parents, and securing confidential student data once an activity has finished.

Beyond traditional school trips, schools and districts are applying these digital workflows to virtual tours, test preparation programs, after school clubs, inter- and cross-school events, and more.

7. Student laptop programs and loan device registers

With staff and students working from home more than ever before, and broad-scale device loan schemes in action across many schools and districts, you need a robust mechanism for managing that processes online — from start to finish.

During remote learning, schools and districts have used Operoo to set-up inventory management workflows to facilitate, register and track the distribution and usage of school equipment — such as laptops — off-site.

And, while we’re hoping for a return to normality when school resumes this September, we need to be prepared to pivot on a dime.

student device programs
Action Plan

8. Student incident, medical and emergency management

Ensure you have the latest medication information and emergency contact details, for all your students, at your fingertips — anywhere, anytime, on any device.

With Operoo, parents complete a digital Blue Card Form once and quickly update it whenever information changes. Authorized staff are also able to immediately access updated Blue Card data on any device or platform. Staff are immediately alerted when changes are made, so you’re never caught off-guard.

With Operoo, authorized staff can also immediately log incidents and injuries as they happen, rather than relying on memory and mountains of retrospective paperwork, from any device. Immediate documentation through Operoo ensures accurate information is sent directly to district and school administrators, streamlines insurance claims, ensures you meet duty-of-care obligations, minimizes liability, and provides better analysis of how and why incidents occurred.

9. Student contracts, consent forms and backpack letters

In this time of uncertainty, it’s important that your school communities receive consistent and timely communication.

Bypass students’ backpacks and know that families throughout your school district are receiving the latest updates as fast as possible in a uniform format and process.

Track and analyze responses in real-time for unprecedented visibility. Drive faster response rates for all permission-based requests by digitally delivering signable eForms straight to your parents’ cell phones: From Media Consent Forms, COVID Testing Agreements, Discipline Contracts and more.

Automate the flow of information between your schools and your families by embracing digital contracts, forms and backpack letters.

Consent forms
Purchase Request

10. Staff policy, payroll and request management

Managing recurring staff processes places significant ongoing administrative demand on district and school resources.

Operoo empowers you to automate the creation, distribution and collection of all policies, payroll forms and associated workflows in one place — at both a district and school level. Easily track responses, and include an acknowledgement button or mandatory signature field, to ensure compliance. And, set automated follow-ups and reminders to receive higher completion rates in less time.

Streamline your staff processes with digital workflows: From new personnel onboarding, staff appraisals, acknowledging and complying with new guidelines, reimbursements, sick leave, IT help requests and everything in-between.

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