Customer Case Studies

Case studies from schools using Operoo.

Case Studies

See how Staten Island Technical School, NYC, has saved time and resources using Operoo to automate all of their staff forms and workflows:

See how Elias Berstein Intermediate School 7, NYC, has automated onboarding and provided equity and access, increasing student and parent participation:

See how Maury County School District, Tennessee, has automated their registration process with a self-service solution that provides contact-free registration all year round:

See how Robert Fulton Elementary PS8, NYC, used digital Blue Cards and embraced process automation technology to eliminate manual tasks and focus resources on digital form workflows to drive strong school-wide participation — even during a pandemic.

See how Bootham School, York, UK, a boarding school, digitised and automated its paper based trip management processes, and consolidated its manual systems of medical record keeping, to improve student safety and focus on what matters most.

See how Elizabeth College, UK, automated the distribution and collection of forms across its school, reducing staff workload, safeguarding data security and increasingly the reliability of student medical information – all while providing a seamless user experience for parents with customised Operoo – Firefly integration.

See how St Peter’s College, New Zealand, digitized and automated school trip management to escape a paperwork avalanche, give teachers their time back, keep students safe and engage its parent community.

See how Beaconhills College, Australia, digitized and saved more than $50,000 on medical paperwork, saved thousands of hours of work, and create a single source of truth.

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