Incident Reporting

The easiest and best way to track and report incidents is to be able to do it immediately.

Digitize all of your incident reports and forms.

Report incidents as they happen, rather than relying on memory, with the Operoo Mobile App.

Easily manage student safety, school liability and risk management obligations by capturing the right data. Use or templates or your own custom incident reports, including:

Injury Reports

Accident Reports

Bullying Reports

Behavior Reports

Student Conduct

Faulty Equipment Reports

Awarding House Points

Injury and Illness Reports

Use our best practise injury and illness reports, modify them, or create your own in minutes using the Operoo form builder.

Provide access to relevant staff so they can log injuries or illnesses using their PC or mobile device.

Immediate documentation through Operoo ensures accurate information is sent directly to school administrators, streamlines insurance claims, and provides better analysis of how and why incidents occur.

Behavior Reports

Track the behavior of students in Operoo. Whether it be in the classroom, in the playground, or on a field trip or camp, you can log behaviour reports easily from a PC or mobile device.

Track bad behavior, good behavior, bullying or any other student conduct. View student behavior reports in Operoo, print them, export them to a spreadsheet or email them to a parent.


Nurses Office Visits

Use nurses reports to log all student visits to your nurses office. Use our prebuilt form, modify it, or create your own in minutes using the Operoo form builder.

Send nurses reports home to parents, providing documentation of the visit, treatment provided and any further instructions.

Your other Incident Reports…

All of your incident reporting requirements can be managed in Operoo. Replace the paperwork with self-service incident reports that replicate your reporting processes.

Whether it be logging faulty technical equipment, reporting something dangerous in the playground, or awarding house points, in just a few minutes you can use the Operoo form builder to convert your old processes into mobile self-service forms. 

Logging incidents on mobile

It’s easy for staff to log incidents using their PC or mobile device.

Imagine you’re on a field trip and there’s been an accident or an injury. After the issue has been dealt with you can immediately log all details in Operoo. Use the Operoo App to capture the details, including images and photographs, while everything is fresh in your mind. 

Details will be available at school as soon as you’ve logged the incident.


What Our Customers Say About Us

Dr Christopher Marczak

SuperintendentMaury County School District

Creating, collecting and filing paper forms is painful for schools and parents. Operoo is a paperless solution that automates the entire process, including the time consuming task of chasing parents for missing forms!

Michael Watt

Principal, St Paul's Catholic Primary School

Operoo has totally changed the way we run our office. It has streamlined all of our processes to the point where our staffing needs have dropped. So we love Operoo. It’s changed our life.

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