Flexible Messaging For Any Situation

Clearly communicate with parents, students, staff and your whole school community, in the language of their choice.

From automated reminders to group messaging, from robocalls to text messages.

Operoo gives you and your staff all the tools they need to communicate, whether they are at their desk or on the road.


Drive inclusion with messages and forms in any language

Schools are becoming increasingly multilingual, with many English as an Additional Language (EAL) families.

Drive inclusion with Operoo’s multi-language features. Make important information accessible to EAL parents and students.

Operoo users can select their language of choice to receive forms, requests or messages sent to them through Operoo.


SMS and email for parents, staff and students

Send SMS or email to any individual or group of parents, staff or students. 

Send messages wherever you are; at home, the office, or whilst on the go via the Operoo App. 


Automatically dial and deliver a pre-recorded messages to recipients.

Whether it’s to report daily student absences to their parents, deliver messages to selected classes, groups and year levels, or delivering an important message to the whole school – Operoo has you covered.

Touch to message

Forget trying to remember numbers and email addresses while you change apps.

With Operoo your forms are active. If they contain phone numbers or email addresses just touch them to dial or send a message. Too easy! 

The world’s mobile, so we are too

Finally, an easy way for teachers to contact parents when they’re on a field trip. Operoo’s secure mobile app provides group messaging functions for teachers on the move. Now, when the bus is running late, communication isn’t a problem.

And parents? They can use the handy mobile app to receive messages and respond to forms, sign, pay and provide consent. Too easy!

How We’ve Helped

See how Elias Berstein Intermediate School 7 has automated onboarding and provided equity and access, increasing student and parent participation:

What Our Customers Say About Us

Dr Christopher Marczak

SuperintendentMaury County School District, United States

Creating, collecting and filing paper forms is painful for schools and parents. Operoo is a paperless solution that automates the entire process, including the time consuming task of chasing parents for missing forms!

Mark Elenwein

Principal, Staten Island Technical High School, United States

Walking through Operoo’s process automation platform, I knew this was THE tool that was going to make life easier for all the people in charge of paperwork at Staten Island Tech.

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