SIMS Pre-Admissions 


Paperless pre-admissions process to automatically update SIMS  


The most efficient way to collect pre-admissions  documentation from families and automatically add it to SIMS. 

“I am so happy and amazed with our pre-admissions process now. We have used Operoo to completely remove all paper from the new starters parents experience. We send out all forms, digitally through Operoo. Parents love it, responding quickly and accurately from any device or language, and also provide us with student medical information. The data flows straight back into SIMS. Admin staff love it too, and it saves us loads of time, as the system triggers next steps in the workflow, subsequent communications, and does the chasing for us.”

—  Gary Loughrey, Progress Data Manager, Allerton High School

See the top 12 outcomes Allerton High School achieved by digitising and automating student pre-admissions:

“Operoo has completely changed our pre-admissions process! We are only 3 months in and already we have seen its immense benefit for the school’s pre-admissions process and can see its potential for other school processes. Gone are the days spent sifting through hundreds of paper forms and the need to manually chase non-responders. We have been amazed to discover that parental engagement is the highest it has ever been, with over 99% of parents engaging and responding, far in advance of our deadlines. The Operoo team have offered us the most invaluable support and training sessions to achieve our goal implementation date, and have kept us up to date with any developments. Amazing!”

King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls

Operoo’s automated pre-admissions forms for schools, makes it easy to populate student data in SIMS.

There’s no double handling or manually entering data, no need to chase parents for missing information. Operoo’s pre-admissions forms automatically convert to your parent’s home language and when completed, automatically import into SIMS.

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Digital pre-admission forms for parents

Automatically send your registration documentation to families to complete online, on any device…in the language of their choice!

It’s easy for parents to provide all required data, including digital signatures.

Parents can use the camera on their device to submit birth certificates and proof of residency documentation, making it simple to provide any type of information required by the school.

Automated Reminders

Let Operoo do the tracking work. The system will keep in touch with parents who have not submitted their forms.

Automated reminders set for each form alert your parents that they still have something to do.

Forget about the hassle of following up missing forms and information, Operoo does the work for you.


How We Help Schools Using SIMS

1. Establish a single & secure source of truth for important pre-admissions data

Better yet, make that data instantly accessible to all authorised staff anywhere, anytime and on any device.

2. Seamlessly Communicate with Pre-Admitted Families

Send automated, group and personalised digital communications to parents of pre-admitted students – based on the timing and nature of the information supplied throughout the pre-admissions process – with zero manual effort and without adding and removing data from SIMS.

3. Don’t Chase Another Paper Form Again

Easily create, distribute and collect all admission forms digitally. Zero phone calls or pieces of paper. Collect vital student data quickly and painlessly, including dietary requirements, emergency and medical information. And, set automated reminders to follow-up with non-respondents (at a regular cadence of your choosing) so that you don’t have to.

4. Automatically Sync Data to SIMS Upon Acceptance

Once students progress from pre-admission status, automatically create a student record in SIMS and sync accross all pre-admission, dietary and medical data upon acceptance – without any manual intervention, data entry or data matching required. Save time, reduce risk and information handling errors.

5. Trigger Student On-boarding Upon Pre-Admission

Programmatically trigger all new student on-boarding requests upon enrolment – so there’s never a bottleneck in your student registrations – with best practice digital templates for Pupil Premium Applications, Home School Agreements, Free School Meal Forms, School Trip Permissions and everything in-between.

6. Fast Track Responses by Engaging Students Directly

Streamline the on-boarding process by sending digital forms directly to students. Finalise subject selections, club sign-ups and distribute student handbooks long before the new school year begins.

How we've helped

See how Bootham School, York, UK, a boarding school, digitised and automated its paper based trip management processes, and consolidated its manual systems of medical record keeping, to improve student safety and focus on what matters most.

See how Elizabeth College, UK, automated the distribution and collection of forms across its school, reducing staff workload, safeguarding data security and increasingly the reliability of student medical information – all while providing a seamless user experience for parents with customised Operoo – Firefly integration.

See the top 12 outcomes Allerton High School achieved by digitising and automating student pre-admissions:

See how Beaconhills College, Australia, digitized and saved more than $50,000 on medical paperwork, saved thousands of hours of work, and create a single source of truth.

See how St Peter’s College, New Zealand, digitized and automated school trip management to escape a paperwork avalanche, give teachers their time back, keep students safe and engage its parent community.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Dr Christopher Marczak

SuperintendentMaury County School District

Creating, collecting and filing paper forms is painful for schools and parents. Operoo is a paperless solution that automates the entire process, including the time consuming task of chasing parents for missing forms!

Michael Watt

Principal, St Paul's Catholic Primary School

Operoo has totally changed the way we run our office. It has streamlined all of our processes to the point where our staffing needs have dropped. So we love Operoo. It’s changed our life.

Jeremy Hughes

HeadteacherWest Town Lane Academy, United Kingdom

It's fantastic. We use it for all our trips, visits, as well as our medical consent…and we use it several times a week. I find it really good. Parents like it. Staff like it. Easy to use. So I certainly recommend it.

Adey Greaves

SBM and COO of Odyssey Collaborative Trust
Portway Junior School, United Kingdom

We don’t use paper at all anymore. We’ve installed Operoo for all our forms and processes, integrated it with our SIS, and found it to be a really, really great system to use. We love it.

Chris Burns

Deputy Principal, Star of the Sea College, Australia

Operoo has been amazing. It has drastically reduced the workload for administration staff and parents have commented favourably on its ease of use and efficient way of communicating and collecting permission for excursions etc.

Michael Watt

Principal, St Paul's Catholic Primary School, Australia

Operoo has totally changed the way we run our office. It has streamlined all of our processes to the point where our staffing needs have dropped. So we love Operoo. It’s changed our life.”

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