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Digitising and Automating Pre Admissions for UK Schools

Watch this webinar to discover how you can automate your school’s most important pre-admission processes: From data wrangling and communicating with prospective families, to collecting forms and on-boarding new students.

Recorded 30 April 2020.


Virtual Schooling and COVID-19 Lessons Learned

Watch this panel discussion as six Australasian education leaders share virtual schooling experiences, lessons learned, tools and best practice techniques for delivering quality online learning outcomes, effective parent engagement, cohesive staff communication, digital school operating processes and more amidst COVID-19. 

Recorded 28 April 2020.


Transitioning to Virtual Schools Overnight

COVID-19 and Transitioning to Virtual Schools Overnight: Lessons Learned from five New York City Principals

Recorded 2 April 2020.


Making online payments, forms & website accessibility easy

Operoo (CareMonkey) and our partner, eChalk present a US schools webinar, A Technology Thought Leadership Summit – Making online payments, forms & website accessibility easy.

Recorded 23 January 2019.


Managing School Trips Without Paperwork

Best Practice Webinar: Managing School Trips Without Paperwork 2019

Recorded 24 October 2019.


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